Μενού Κλείσιμο
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It’s all Greek to me!

Well, not any more…

With our intensive Greek as a Foreign Language course you can learn how to speak Greek fast and use Greek as native speakers do.

Whether you want to learn to speak Greek or improve your current language skills in Modern Greek, this is the right course for you.

Our Teachers

Our teachers not only are native Greek speakers, but they also hold a University degree in Teaching Greek as a Foreign Language, in addition to their extensive experience that they bring in the classroom.

Course Focus

Grammar and vocabulary is taught through engaging texts and our main focus is listening and speaking, which our students practise through everyday topics and topics of interest.

Students quickly progress to the desired level of Greek language through our carefully selected books and materials, which include real-life texts and situations that adult students are likely to encounter in their everyday life.

Course Materials

This highly interactive Greek as a Foreign Language course includes a unique combination of bilingual materials to speed up the learning process. Bilingualism aims at making it easier for the students to acquire the Greek language using all the necessary structures and expressions that they are able to understand through the language of reference, especially at the beginning of the course. Students, in other words focus on what matters and not on things that take students away from their real goal.

Greek language learning does not stop in class. The interactive exercises on the internet that follow our course (e-learning) allow the students to practise on their own, in those areas of the language where they have difficulties.

Our Greek as a Foreign Language classes have a maximum of 9 students or you can choose a more personalised course by selecting a one-to-one class.

So, why not learn Greek today?

For more information call us on +30 2108941481 or visit the booking form on our website to instantly book an appointment with one of our Academic Directors .