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The general German adult courses cover all levels of proficiency from A1 through C2 level of the Common European Framework.

The aim of the General German language courses is to develop the necessary skills for adult learners, focusing on oral communication and listening comprehension, but also to enhance the necessary skills in writing and reading comprehension.

Through carefully selected books from international publishers and topics exclusively taken from the professional and everyday life of adults, students cover the full range of language skills.

The courses provide:

  • Exclusive use of the German language
  • Authentic texts for understanding the language in real situations, providing numerous opportunities for group discussion
  • Realistic use of the language for effective practice of listening comprehension
  • Videos to consolidate the taught phenomena in everyday situations
  • Online workbook and e-books for further consolidation and practice
  • Projects and simulations based on real cases and situations to practise the language
  • Fully interactive lessons to maintain a high level of students’ participation
  • Cultural and social elements of the lifestyle of the German-speaking countries for deeper understanding of how the language is used

The adult courses are designed according to the students’ level and can be short or all-year-round, depending on the students’ personal needs and availability.

Our teachers and Academic Directors can help you choose the language course most suitable for your needs, as well as to help you decide the learning mode (group or one-to-one teaching, blended learning or online learning)

These courses offer students the opportunity to prepare for internationally recognised language exams and their main aim is to cover all necessary skills and techniques required for different examinations.

The syllabus content is adult-orientated, focusing on the adult language learners ‘needs for quick and immediate familiarisation with the exams format and the language skills required to successfully pass an examination.

The exam prep courses can be chosen in addition to a General German language course or as standalone programmes, providing flexibility to those wishing to attend such a course.

Apart from improving general language competency and systematic preparation of all skills required for German language examinations, all exam prep classes include:

  • Tailored programme to suit the skills required for internationally recognised language examinations
  • Complimentary support lessons FOR ALL learners

All exam prep classes are taught by qualified teachers with extensive experience in teaching French as a foreign language as well as French language examinations. Our Exam prep teachers:

– Have all the necessary qualifications to teach German as a foreign language

– Have excellent knowledge of the various exams on offer, their format and the necessary skills needed to succeed

The exam prep groups are constantly monitored by the Academic Directors to ensure that our high-standards of teaching are maintained, making students achieve their full potential.

Working closely with leading examination bodies, we aim to provide the right skills for exam success and familiarise students with the exam procedures.

Before enrolling in an exam prep class, we will advise you in detail about the German language examinations on offer and we will help you choose the one that meets your needs. We want to make sure that our students will have made the best possible choice of which examination to take.

Students at Rethink Education can enroll in short-term courses (either combined with a standard language course or as standalone courses), which cover specific basic skills in the language.

The language skills courses aim at further development and improvement of specific skills, using authentic materials, depending on the pupils’ learning needs.

Learners can choose one or more of the following Language Skills Courses

Speaking Booster Class

This course is ideal for learners who would like to practise and develop their speaking skills in realistic situations, using authentic material on everyday topics.

At exam prep level, students can further familiarise themselves with the format of the speaking exams and practise using the techniques they have acquired through simulation of the speaking examination.

Listening Booster Class

The primary focus of this course is to develop the learners’ listening comprehension skills as well as to help them acquire those skills needed both in real-life situations and during the listening part of language examinations.

Writing Booster Class

This course improves students’ writing performance through a topic-based and task-based approach. The use of engaging topics motivates learners to brainstorm ideas and critically consider their arguments, before putting them in writing. The course aims to review various writing types and offer techniques to improve their writing skills.

At exam level, learners are further familiarised with the writing tasks required at language examinations and apply the techniques taught through exam writing simulation.

Reading Booster Class

An ideal course for improving reading comprehension skills. Learners are presented with a wide variety of text types, through which they improve their reading comprehension and they acquire the ability to recognise different text types, such as journals, scientific articles, newspaper articles, as well as various literary genres. Throughout this course, learners evaluate how the use of each type of reading text affects their everyday life and how they can best understand it.

At exam level, learners are further familiarised with exam-type reading comprehension tasks and they apply the techniques taught in exam simulation reading comprehension tasks.

Academic German language courses for students and adults.

The Academic German language courses address the needs of university students and adults who require the necessary language and skills to succeed in their academic life. Our courses are designed according to the students’ age, their language proficiency level and the skills needed to be covered when attending a University programme.


The course prepares students for the academic level examination TestDaf, necessary certificate for admission to Higher Education in Germany or for work.

  • TestDaf

This is an internationally recognised test and students who successfully pass the exams  fulfil the minimum language requirements for admission to almost all schools and fields of study in German higher institutions.

Our teachers are constantly trained in the methodology of this test and how students are evaluated, offering high standards of teaching to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared for such a high-stake exam.

Throughout this Academic Exam Prep course there is regular practice to help our students get used to working under examination conditions. The course also focuses on developing the necessary skills for each part of the examination and monitor students’ improvement through on-going feedback sessions and advice from our experienced teaching staff.

All students enrolling Academic Exam Prep courses should be at least at a B1 level of German according to the Common European Framework of Languages.

In order to ensure our students will benefit the most from our Exam Prep Courses, our Academic Directors carefully assess the level of each student before the commencement of each course, to ensure successful placement takes place.

Intensive German

Do you want to study or work in Germany? Choose one of our intensive German language courses and reach the required language level sooner.

Learn to speak and use the language effectively for your immediate daily needs within three months.

Do you still need a higher level? Continue with our daily intensive classes and achieve a B2 level in just one year.

A specially designed language course for 18+ year old students who want to achieve high language level in a very short time.

Intensive German

  • Master the language for work or study in short time
  • Achieve your personal or professional goals
  • Stand out in your workplace

Students looking to work in Germany have attended this highly intensive German language course programme, which helped them to secure their job as medical staff, educators and business consultants. They currently excel in their career and are sought after by employers in their line of work.

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