A specially designed Art programme in English.

The purpose of this programme is for children to enrich their vocabulary through activities from the wonderful world of art, to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings as well as to help them boost their confidence.

This programme helps children talk about what they have created and broaden their learning opportunities.

Page 7. 2. Art Infusion (FILEminimizer)

The Art Infusion programme includes topics such as:

  • Crazy about Lines
  • World of Shapes
  • Colour Twirl
  • Sense of Colour
  • Impressions of Nature
  • Dynamic Dots
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Children come in contact with colours and materials, allowing them to become familiar with Art and its various techniques, acquire initiative and are encouraged to experiment with original ideas.

Through this programme, children sharpen their perception, make informed decisions, strengthen their concentration and memory abilities, excite their fantasy and become resourceful. In addition, Art contributes to relieving children from stress and pressure, eliminates their fears and builds on their self-esteem.

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